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Welcome to Medicinska Biblioteket Skånevård Kryh

Anyone can create an account to borrow books from us

Opening hours Kristianstad Opening hours Ystad
Monday-Thursday 10.00-15.00 Monday       10.00-15.00
Friday                  10.00-13.00 Wednesday 10.00-15.00

Hospital staff can enter the library at all hours with e-legitimation card and code.

You log in to your user account using your social security number and pincode.

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Medicinska biblioteket Kristianstad

Centralsjukhuset Kristianstad
JA Hedlundsväg 5
044-309 27 30

Medicinska biblioteket Ystad

Lasarettet i Ystad
Kristianstadsvägen 3
Tel: 044-309 27 30

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